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Septic Treatment – Beats Rid-X!

Septic Treatment – Beats Rid-X!

Why your septic systems need good bacteria.

Your septic system relies on natural processes to break down organic silence until they are safe to release into the soil. Naturally occurring bacteria in your tank are primarily responsible for performing this task. When the processed liquid is released into the drain field, other natural and physical processes break down remaining organic matter from there.


How enzymes and other additives can help.

If you’ve accidentally killed off the bacteria in your septic tanks, or if an inspection reveals that your tank isn’t breaking down solids the way it should, it may be time to give the remaining bacteria a helping hand.

Southern Comfort’s Septic Saver is designed specifically for septic tank systems to aid bacteria by helping to break down organic solids on the molecular level. Southern Comfort’s septic saver comes in the form of a flushable packet and used monthly will help your system maintain a healthy level of bacteria by counteracting the negative impact of bleach, harsh chemicals and antibacterial soaps.

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The role of the Septic Saver System!

Each one of us has a septic tank outside our home as it is the place where all the wastewater from your home flows out! The purpose of the septic is to hold solids and discharge partially treated water into the drain field. Well, you need to ensure that your septic system keeps functioning well and does not have a severe breakdown because that can prove to be hazardous and may require replacement of the septic system that can be expensive! A tested solution can work wonders for your septic system called the Septic Saver System that can resolve this problem at a very reasonable cost but in an effective way!

What causes the septic system to fail?

It’s called biological failure! A septic system functions in an oxygen-free environment that promotes the growth of sludge like layer called the Biomat in the drain field. Biomat is living bacteria that digest waste and pathogens, effectively treating your septic system. However, over some time, the Biomat will build up and seal the ground and sidewalls of the drain field. It prevents the drain field from absorbing water dispersed from the septic tank. As a result, there is a septic system failure.

Why invest in a Septic Saver System?

The Septic Saver system is a revolutionary product that converts an oxygen-free Septic Tank to an oxygen-rich environment’ by increasing the dissolved oxygen levels within the septic tank. The biomat bacteria cannot survive in this oxygen-rich environment and die. They are replaced with highly active and naturally occurring aerobic bacteria that flourish in the tank. The aerobic bacteria eat up the biomat until it completely disappears. The aerobic bacteria break down the waste solids and organic material, and the highly oxygenated water begins restoring the drain field. The drain field reverses back to their normal state, and the septic system starts functioning well!.